The 2018 Chicago Cubs Clubhouse

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Rays GM (Donavan): I think that is enough players to bid on....i am going to need to purchase more scotch to get through the bids on these players. Jan 22, 2018 19:47:55 GMT -5
Pirates GM (Hollar): Seriously. If any of us ever go to Australia, I think we just outright owe you scotch for this one. Jan 22, 2018 19:52:43 GMT -5
Twins GM (Robert S.): I'll bring a bottle of Vikre Aquavit next time I fly down. No Scotch made in Duluth. Whiskey, Vodka, Spruce Gin, and Aquavit. I hear the Gunflint Bourbon is aging now though. Mmmm Bourbon. Jan 22, 2018 21:04:19 GMT -5
Diamondbacks GM (Ethan): My sister is currently in New Zealand on her honeymoon. Jan 22, 2018 21:18:56 GMT -5
Diamondbacks GM (Ethan): That's like Australia, right? Jan 22, 2018 21:19:25 GMT -5
Braves GM (Dustin): Ardbeg! Jan 22, 2018 21:38:13 GMT -5
Rangers GM (Victor): Whew.. saved me some time having to scroll thru Fantrax to see whos available. LOL Jan 22, 2018 22:26:26 GMT -5
Rangers GM (Victor): Ok, if yall are going to bid 600k, im bidding 601k for 1yr but I will have to put a limit. LOL. Jan 22, 2018 22:27:01 GMT -5
Braves GM (Dustin): Buddy Boshers? That's made up, right... Jan 22, 2018 22:30:39 GMT -5
White Sox GM (Aidan): Well Rob can't get Boshers if he's not on the Twins anymore. Jan 22, 2018 23:23:43 GMT -5
White Sox GM (Aidan): By my estimation, 81 RP already. I'll send some booze with 2 day shipping, Donavan. Jan 22, 2018 23:25:08 GMT -5
Padres GM (Amy): im going to start preparing my bids now and hoping they are ready by friday Jan 23, 2018 10:52:51 GMT -5
Royals GM (Mac): Victor remember the cutoff for bids lol Jan 23, 2018 10:59:55 GMT -5
Mariners GM (Nick): Is there any way we could get the draft order of at least the first round this week? I need something to do while I don't bid on any RPs. Jan 23, 2018 12:44:49 GMT -5
Twins GM (Robert S.): Twins relievers flourish as soon as they leave town. See what Duensing and Swarzark signed for this year? I owned them both not so long ago. You're going to have to bid up Bosher (yes Buddy is real) in order to pry him away from me! Jan 23, 2018 18:17:31 GMT -5
Pirates GM (Hollar): I'd never actually looked at Brandon Guyer's stats before. Does he outright jump in front of the ball after the pitcher releases it? Jan 23, 2018 18:42:06 GMT -5
Padres GM (Amy): I'm bidding on 81 players this week Jan 23, 2018 18:43:36 GMT -5
White Sox GM (Aidan): I'm lazy to look it up, but pretty sure I owned Boshers for like 3 weeks at some point in the last two years. Just wait until Glen Perkins signs elsewhere (yes,yes, I know he said he's going back to MIN or retiring :/ ) Jan 23, 2018 18:53:01 GMT -5
Pirates GM (Hollar): June 25th to August 26th of 2016, which actually made him the 4th-longest tenured player you had that year. Jan 23, 2018 19:00:42 GMT -5
White Sox GM (Aidan): Wow. Impressive, Buddy. I believe he might have spent a lot of that time in the minors, then. Jan 23, 2018 19:24:26 GMT -5